Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc. “RETI”

Indigenous leadership and ownership in Canada's emerging net zero energy transition projects

RETI's mission is to build Indigenous inter-generational wealth through material ownership with Corporate Canada in net zero energy transition projects

  • Indigenous equity ownership of projects
  • Integrate Indigenous values and knowledge into projects
  • Provide Corporate Canada with strong ESG rankings to increase access to capital
  • Diverse management team with strong history of mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, corporate & commercial development and inclusive Indigenous engagement

RETI raises development capital for net zero energy transition projects

Facilitate Investment for Indigenous Ownership

  • Material equity ownership in large capital projects
  • Indigenous community Board representation
  • Raise capital required for Indigenous ownership

Provide Risk Mitigated Investments

  • Strong financial and technical discipline
  • Carbon credit monetization/hedging programs
  • Joint venture with proven, successful Carbon Capture and Storage “CCS” operator
  • Utilizing access to green bonds, sustainable finance and responsible investing
  • Framework for free, prior and informed consent before proceeding with projects

“RETI's vision is to build an Indigenous generational wealth base through meaningful equity partnerships with Corporate Canada in the green energy transition future.”

Robert MorinChairman, Project Reconciliation

Identify, invest and develop new energy transition projects founded on material

Indigenous equity ownership at the operating level



Polaris CCS Project

RETI will raise funds to acquire an Indigenous equity ownership

Calgary Region

Siksika Carbon HUB Project

RETI will raise funds for 100% Indigenous equity ownership

Project Wheatland:

Ethanol & Renewable Natural Gas

RETI will raise funds for an Indigenous equity ownership

Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc.

1000, 550 – 6th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB     T2P 0S2