Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc. “RETI”

Indigenous ownership in Canada's emerging clean carbon energy transition and infrastructure projects


Raising front-end development capital to move clean energy development projects to Final Investment Decision ‘FID’

$500mm in projects under Management Contract

  • MOU executed with major CCS operators
  • MOU with strategic Indigenous Partnerships
  • MOU with proven renewable natural gas technology focused facility

Indigenous Equity Focused Investment

  • Material equity ownership in larger capital projects
  • Board and Indigenous community representation

Risk Mitigated Investments

  • Strong financial discipline
  • Carbon credit monetization/hedging programs
  • JV with proven, successful CCUS operators
  • Low cost of capital with green bonds and green credit facilities

“RETI joins the Project Reconciliation Group as a foundational vehicle for Indigenous Peoples to become material partners with Corporate Canada in the energy transition future that needs to be built”

Robert MorinChairman, Project Reconciliation

Identify, invest and develop new energy transition projects founded on material

Indigenous equity ownership at the operating level



Co-developer in Shell Canada’s Polaris CCS Project

October 2021 - Working with its First Nations Partners, RETI will raise funds to acquire an equity position in the Shell-led Polaris CO2 storage hub concept

Calgary Region Siksika CCS HUB Project

100% Ownership in a Calgary Region CCUS HUB "CRSCCS"

Renewable Natural Gas & Ethanol Project

50% Non-Operated Ownership in a near-term RNG & Ethanol Project

RETI's mission is to build Indigenous inter-generational wealth through equity participation with corporate Canada in energy transition and clean carbon fuel projects

  • Indigenous communities want a ‘place at the table’
  • Alberta and Canada has shown a heighten focus on Indigenous partnerships and investments
  • Federal and provincial access to capital has opened to those proponents with strong ESG, technical and economic projects
  • RETI’s management team has a strong history of M&A, capital markets, corporate and commercial development with provide RETI the strength to identify viable clean carbon energy transition & infrastructure projects

RETI’s management team members have proven track records of Indigenous based investments and partnerships for value creation and shareholder growth. The team brings together strong technical, capital markets and commercial capabilities in executing joint ventures, indigenous and stakeholder engagement and partnerships

Stephen Mason

Chairman & CEO

Jeremy Yee


Dr. Ako Ufodike


Steve Butler

VP & Enviro Trading

Richard Grant

General Counsel

Curtis Heide

Senior VP

Cindy Rogers

VP Finance & Administration

Warren MacPhail

VP Engineering

Robert Morin


Dennis Cornelson


Dr. Harrie Vredenburg

Director - Policy

Our affiliate companies

Project Reconciliation

An Indigenous-owned initiative to secure a material equity position in the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Expansion Project. PRI’s vision of Indigenous generational wealth, supported by the Indigenous Sovereign Wealth Fund, will be funded from a material contribution of the free-cashflow produced through Trans Mountain ownership.

Indigenous Sovereign Wealth ESG Fund 1

Project Reconciliation’s ISWF1 will invest, at the asset level, with partners such as large utilities and energy companies with strong technical operating capabilities and the financial capacity to develop innovative technologies.

Reconciliation Energy Transition Inc.

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